HD Racer from Yuneec


Will this new racing drone from Yuneec be a hit in 2018?  This small and compact racing drone promises to be just as exiting for advanced flyers as it is for beginners.  With its entry level mode for those of you just starting out in drone world.  The self-levelling abilities will allow you to fly it in your living room without too many mishaps.  The robust impeller design will protect the copter from damage if you happen to crash into your TV while you are learning new flying skill.   I am not saying you won’t kill your 55” UHD OLED TV but at least the drone will survive to fly another day and another.  There is a cool feature that allows you to flip the drone upright at the press of a button which is located on the controller, if you happen to land upside down, now that’s is cool!

For those who are a wee bitty more experienced or beginners just want to dive in at the deep end, there is the advanced mode which will give you a thrilling and fun experience especially if you have a compatible headset.  The headset is a must if you want to get the full poop your pants, heart stopping flight of your life.   I am getting a wee bit excited at the thought of flying this machine already, can you tell. 

Ok, lets look at the camera on the front of the copter.  It is capable of High Definition video recording and will send the footage direct to you smartphone or FPV headset ther is a mount on the ST6 controller that comes with the drone for your smartphone.   If you are not into racing the copter it is still a great compact drone to take with you anywhere and use it as a second camera.   Take it on holiday and record those moments you never want to forget and share them on social media with family and friends.   The camera is capable of 1080p 60 frames per second video capture and takes 13 MP still images to take your photography to new heights.  Selfies from a drone are way cooler than just from your smart phone.


So, in conclusion the Yuneec HD racer at the affordable price £159.99 RRP is a fantastic first time entry into the racing drone world.  With all the tech of a racer double the price it is a great starter drone for the budding racer and sofisticated enough for the advanced racer.   Its compact size and HD camera make it an ideal choice for those who want to get unique holiday snaps.  I would recommend getting a few batteries to keep in the air longer as one battery lasts approximately 6 min on a full charge.   That’s plenty for racing as a race usually only lasts between 2 and 3 min but if you have more than one race then two or three spares is a must.









I for one can’t wait to get my hands on this copter from Yuneec. In fact I have already pre ordered one for my wife so she can give it to me as a birthday present.  What’s wrong with that, it saves her having to think about what to get me 😊.   I also trust Yuneec drones and the customer service I have had as both a customer and a retailer it has been fantastic.  

To pre-order or get more info on the technical specifications of the Yuneec HD Racer just click here and I will get it shipped out to you as soon as it becomes available at the end of April.

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